DUKE, Revd Cecil Rashleigh

1870 - 1951

Born at Salisbury, Wiltshire on 2 September and baptised on 9 October 1870, son of Revd Edward Duke (1814-1895), a magistrate & land owner, and his wife Jane Marya (died 1906), third daughter of Sir William Coles Medlycott, who married on 27 November 1860. In 1871 living at Mansion House Lake, Wilsford & Lake, Wiltshire with his parents, 36 year old Edward and 35 year old Jane, five siblings and they kept six indoor servants. Like his father, he took holy orders and in 1901, a 30 year old clergyman of the Church of England boarding at 25 St Margaret's Green, Ipswich, the home of Joseph Godball, piano tuner, and his family. A member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1899-1902 and exhibited from St Margaret's Green, Ipswich in 1898 two watercolours 'Pond Hall, Gainsboro' Lane' and 'Where the Bee Sucks', four in 1899 'Mont Blanc, Savoy', 'Bucklesham Heath', The Red Lion, Martlesham' and 'Rival Reapers' and a further five watercolours in 1900 but in 1902 exhibited from Rosendale, Herne Bay, Kent four watercolours 'After the Storm, Hampton, near Herne Bay', 'Pin Mill on the Orwell', 'A Kentish Seaport' and 'St Stephens Lane, Ipswich' and in 1903 had his three last exhibits at Ipswich. He married at Watford in 1907, Mildred Dorothy Ryley (11 October 1874-1966), and in 1911 was the 40 year old vicar of Godmersham, Canterbury living in the local vicarage with his 36 year old wife, and was later vicar of Willerby, near Scarborough. In 1939 rector of Fordwich, living at The Rectory, Blean, Kent with is wife Mildred. He died at his home, 14 Wordsworth Road, Salisbury on 27 August 1951, aged 80.