DEE, Hilda Elizabeth

1894 - 1991

Born at Nailsworth, Gloucestershire on 29 September 1894, daughter of (Arthur) Henry Dee (12 April 1864-1947), a domestic gardener, and his wife Selina Ann née Daniels (14 January 1861-1945), who married at Birmingham in 1893. Shortly after her birth her parents moved to Boulge, near Woodbridge, Suffolk where Hilda spent the rest of her days. Admitted as a pupil at Bredfield County Primary School, Woodbridge in 1900 and in 1911 a 16 year old living at Boulge with her parents, 46 year old Henry and 47 year old Selina, with three siblings, Edith Louisa (10 April 1897-1977), Dorothy Ellen (13 April 1901-1982)and Ralph Edward (12 November 1902-1992), all born at Boulge. A painter and potter and exhibited at Woodbridge, her still life paintings but also other genre, the pots that she produced became subjects for some of her paintings. In 1939 an elementary school teacher living at 9 Gladstone Road, Woodbridge with her parents and two unmarried sisters. She died at Woodbridge in 1991, she was unmarried. Her works were offered by the Peasenhall Art and Antigues Gallery and Neal, Sons & Fletcher of Woodbridge offered some of her work at auction.