HOLMES, Marcus Henry

1875 - 1951

Born at Ipswich on 21 April 1875, third child of John Emra Holmes, collector in customs, and his wife Eliza Jane née Mawdesley, who married at Huntingdon in 1868 and in 1881 were living at Bellevue, Fowey, Cornwall with their four children, the eldest three being born at Ipswich. Marcus's namesake grandfather, Marcus Henry Holmes (1803-1854) and his great-grandfather George Holmes (c.1776-1851) were both professional artists active in the Bristol area and were both were members of the Old Society of Watercolour Artists. Marcus was educated at a private school at Christchurch, Bournemouth before studying at Aberdeen School of Art 1896-1899 and three years at Herkomer School at Bushey, Hertfordshire also in Paris and Florence. His father and mother had moved to Holland House, Franks Road, Dovercourt, Essex where the young 25 year old artist Marcus was living in 1901. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1899-1907, exhibiting in 1898 from 23 Affleck Street, Aberdeen two watercolours 'A Summer's Day at Pin Mill' and 'On the Orwell-A Misty Morning' and in 1899 from Hillcroft, Bushey seven watercolours 'Old Wood Staples, St Clement', 'By the Steam, Pin Mill', 'Behind the Ancient House', 'Sunny Morning, Harwich', 'Rookery Pond, Dovercourt' and 'A Mudlark on the Orwell' exhibiting three pictures in 1900 and two in 1901. In 1903 he exhibited from Oundle, Northamptonshire five watercolours 'In a Water Meadow', 'The Donde la Mere', 'Left by the Tide', 'Sunspots' and 'On the East Coast of Scotland' and in 1905 he exhibited from c/o Revd J. Collins, Dovercourt, Essex an oil painting 'Emra Holmes, Esq.' and four watercolours 'The Mill on the Gipping', 'Early Autumn among the Sheaves' and 'The Rev T. Gray Collier, M.A.' after which he took a teaching position at Monmouth. His father died at Oundle, Northamptonshire in 1909 when his widow moved to her sons home at 'Kilmarnock' Old Hereford Road, Monmouth where artist Marcus was living in 1911. He married at Monmouth St Mary in 1918, Ethel May Howells (24 January 1885-1948) and was art master and housemaster at Monmouth School 1907-1946 and an Oxford University extension lecturer on art history. In 1939 an art master still living at 'Kilmarnock', Hereford Road, Monmouth with his wife Ethel, also an artist, and in 1930 formed the Wye Valley Arts Club (later Society). He exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Cambrian Academy, Royal West of England Academy and, as an Associate at Liverpool Walker Art Gallery, and at the Paris Salon. He died at Stroud, Gloucestershire in 1951, aged 75.

Works by This Painter