FOSTER-MELLIAR, Gladys Dewsbury

1879 - 1964

Born at Tostock, Suffolk on 16 May 1879, fifth of the six children of Revd Andrew Foster Melliar (1840-1904), curate at Tostock, and his wife Catherine Lucretia née Dewsbury (1840-1897). In 1881, a 1 year old living at Tostock Rectory with her parents, 39 year old Andrew and 40 year old Catherine, and two older siblings. The family all had Foster as their christian name but when Gladys was an artist it was hyphenated to Foster-Melliar. In 1911 described as a 31 year old artist sculptor, visiting Agnes Dora Mason [q.v.] at her home at Sproughton Manor, Ipswich. A member and exhibitor at the Ipswich Art Club 1909-1916 exhibiting from Alexandra House, Kensington Gore in 1909 a plaster 'Head', in 1910 a watercolour 'Blakeney Point' and two statuettes, a plaster 'Study from Life' and a bronze 'Melisande' and in 1911 two sculptures 'The Mirror' and 'St George', two watercolours 'The Mill' and 'The Marshes at Evening'. in 1912 she exhibited from Sproughton Manor, a bronze 'The Pitcher Girl', a watercolour 'The Wood Path', in 1913 a sculpture 'Portrait of a Lady', in 1914 three etchings and two watercolours 'Scarlet Bourganvilla, Teneriffe' and 'The Store, Oratava, Teneriffe' and he last exhibit was in 1915. She spent time in South Africa and in Spain but in 1939, a retired Christian Scientist Practitioner, living at Hill Field Cottage, Sproughton, the home of Ernest and Gertrude Butcher, both teachers of music. She married late in life at Ipswich School in 1942, Oriel Riviere Burney (1899-1978) and she died at Ipswich in 1964, aged 85.