1832 - 1897

Born at Well Street, (now Seckford Street) Woodbridge, Suffolk and baptised at St Mary’s church, Woodbridge on 16 January 1832, one of the several artist children of Thomas Churchyard (1795-1865)[q.v.] and his wife Harriet née Hailes (1797-1865). A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1884-1895 and a regular exhibitor showing over niney works 1881-1896, from Seckford Street, when she exhibited amongst others ‘Brightwell Church’ 1881 and six paintings in 1883 two oils ‘Cornfield at Martlesham’ and ‘Cornfield at Melton’ and four watercolours ‘Winter Scene’, ‘Cornfields at Kingston’, ‘Studies from Nature’ and ‘Views of Woodbridge’. In 1895 she exhibited ‘Warren Hill’ and ‘The Deben’ and most of her subjects were local views in watercolour but she also worked in oils and produced a large number of sketches, her landscapes were often heavy-handed or impulsively slapdash. In 1891 the four Churchyard sisters were living at Seckford Library, Woodbridge where Laura was the librarian. At the Woodbridge Industrial and Art Exhibition in 1880 she exhibited three pictures a charcoal drawing of 'St Mary's Church' and two watercolours 'Cornfield, Bromeswell' and 'View of the Deben', in 1883 several items including three oil paintings 'Church and Abbey', 'Seckford Street' and 'St Mary's Tower' and in 1887 she exhibited no less seven oils including 'Rope Walk', Melton Water Mill' and 'Seckford Lodge' and four watercolours including 'Woodbridge Old Quay'. She died at Woodbridge in 1897, she was unmarried.

Works by This Painter