1836 - 1927

Born at Melton, near Woodbridge, Suffolk and baptised at St Mary’s church, Woodbridge on 12 April 1836, one of the several artist children of Thomas Churchyard (1795-1865)[q.v.] and his wife Harriet née Hailes (1797-1865). She attended Art School and later taught art at home and at the Quaker School in Woodbridge. Mainly working in water-colours, she produced genre pictures, children and animals in rural settings and was very talented at humorous caricatures and cartoons, able to capture a likeness in her portraits. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1884-1886 but in 1881 exhibited ‘Village Children’ when of Seckford Street, Woodbridge and continued to exhibit 1882-1890 mostly genre subjects in 1883 three watercolours 'Knuckledown', 'Lost' and 'Castles in the Air, in 1885 ‘A Rustic Figure', 1886 ‘Fishing’ and 1890 ‘First Lessons’. Harriett was also a regular exhibitor at the Woodbridge Industrial and Art Exhibitions showing a watercolour in 1880 'Little Gleaner', two in 1883 'Homeward Bound' and 'Children at Play' and three in 1887 'Joe', 'Portrait' and 'Fishing' and a crayon drawing of a girl's head. In 1891 the four Churchyard sisters were living at Seckford Library, Woodbridge where Laura was the librarian. She died, unmarried, at Woodbridge in 1927, aged 90. Her younger brother Charles then arranged for the auction at Woodbridge of the remaining pictures by their father Thomas, which had remained in the family. Her watercolour 'Bedtime' was shown at the Ipswich Art Club Centenary in 1974.

Works by This Painter