1872 - 1947

Elinor May Bomford Constable

As Elinor May Bomford, she was born at Drumlargan, Co. Meath, Ireland on 13 May 1872 and baptised at Agher Church on 16 May, second daughter and fifth child of John Francis Bomford (1837-1911) and his wife Elinor née Bolton (1840-1924), elder daughter of Rev Lyndon Henry Bolton, Rector of Drumconrath. Known as May she was the first of John Francisís children to be married and was only aged 20 when the wedding took place at Agher Church on 12 July 1892, her husband was Hugh Golding Constable [q.v.]. Together with her, they travelled extensively firstly to New Zealand, where their daughter Arahenua [q.v.] was born and then on to Canada before returning to Ireland. In 1920 they settled at Hoe Mill House, Maldon, Essex. Her husband taught Elinor to paint and she became quite competent exhibiting at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dawson Street, Dublin. A member and exhibitor at the Ipswich Art Club 1932-1939, in 1932 showing two oils 'A Woodland Path' and 'A Spring Border', in 1933 an oil 'Where the Wood Divides', in 1935 'Cottages in County Kerry', 'Wild Rose Berries' and a watercolour 'Christmas Sunset over Essex' and was a regular exhibitor. In 1939, Elinor May lived at Hoe Mill House, Maldon with her husband Hugh and their two children. She died on 26 January 1947, aged 74 and besides Arahenua they also had a son, John Hugh Constable born at Rathwade House, Co Carlow, on 27 February 1896.

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