JONES, Thomas Edwards

1866 - 1915

Born at Towyn, North Wales in 1866. In 1871, a 4 year old living at Towrn Road, Bersham, Wrexham Denbighshire with his parents, 37 year old Robert, a master tailor, and his wife 37 year old Mary and four siblings John H. 12 and Harriet E. 11, both born in Manchester, and Mary 9 and Robert B. 7 both born at Towyn. He married at Chorlton, Lancashire in 1893, Edith Louise Hulme and they came to live in Ipswich. In 1901, a 33 year old hosiery commercial traveller living at 36 Burrell Road, Ipswich with his 34 year old wife Edith and their six year old son Frederick Owen, born Ipswich. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1910-1915 from Burrell Road, Ipswich and exhibited in 1909 a miniature and in 1910 'Miss Ruby Birkett', 'Miss Lucy Bostock', 'Norman Garrett-Brown' and 'Mrs Rignal (the late)' these may have been sculptures. He died at Ipswich in 1915, aged 49.