CLATWORTHY, Pamela Barbara M

1918 - 2005

Born at Wandsworth, London on 28 May 1918, only child of Francis Gordon-Howley, theatre impresario, and his wife Gertrude Alexandra Dagmar Klasen, the famed actress and singer Gertrude Lawrence (1898-1952), who married at Wandsworth the previous year and separated shortly after Pamela’s birth, Gertrude later married again in 1940, Richard Aldrich. Pamela had a very interesting childhood, divided between exclusive private schools in England, where she spent about half her time, and a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York, where she lived whenever her mother was in a play that had a long Broadway run. In 1941 Pamela married a New York doctor, Bill Cahan but they later divorced, there were no children by this marriage. In 1952 she married again, at Kensington, London, Robert Clatworthy by whom she had three children. She was a painter, a poet and a free spirit who, to celebrate her 80th birthday, sailed around the world, as a working crew member. She died at her home in Halesworth, Suffolk in June 2005. Pamela's three children were Benn Clatworthy (born 1955), a tenor saxophonist based in Los Angeles, Sarah A G [Hunt] (born 1956) and Thomas (born 1959).