COOPER, Stanley

c.1915 - 2010

He taught art in the Midlands for 20 years until he moved to Suffolk in 1979 where he developed his printmaking techniques specialising in ornathological art. His keen observation of and love for Suffolk rural life, and latter French rural life, encouraged him to produce a wide range of prints capturing the essence of each place. His finely detailed paintings use a mixture of acrylic paints and airbrush tecniques and his passion for colour and composition are very apparent when gazing at his images. He also had a fondness for youthful exuberance, which led him to run various youth hostels and teach at secondary schools. His technique of producing prints from a single block of lino, progressively cut away, produced results which are delicate of line and bold of colour. He died in his sleep in Ipswich in September 2010.

Works by This Painter