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Ipswich Art Group

The 1974 Centenary Catalogue has a list of 'members' for the previous 100 years. It does not differentiate between exhibitors and non-exhibitors or between full, associate, honorary members, friends or committee members. The catalogues are at the Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich (709.4264.Ips/stack). There are a number of 'members' in the 1974 list which were the committee/hon. members or officials who were not in the main painters and did not exhibit. Hon. members were 'non-exhibitors interested in art' - I note here those that did not exhibit for clarity, who include:-

OFFICIALS who did not exhibit
William Block 1961-1974+ hon. auditor & trustee
S. J. Collingwood 1948 hon. auditor
F. P. Hill 1960-1963 hon. treasurer
Maurice William Ramsey (1911-1992) 1971-1972 hon. treasurer
L. C. Ridley 1945-1947 hon. treasurer
N. A. Robb 1954-1957 hon. auditor
Walter Edward Roberts (1897-1962) 1959-1962 hon. auditor
A. M. M. Wale 1963-1971 hon. auditor
Francis Hugh George Warren (1910-1983) hon. treasurer 1964-1972
F. J. Watt 1951-1959 hon. treasurer

LIFE MEMBERS who did not exhibit
Robert Harold Paul (1872-1950) 1913-1949
William Francis Paul (1850-1928) 1913-1927

HONORARY MEMBERS who did not exhibit
Miss Patricia M. Butler 1967-1974
Miss C. Clarke 1967-1974
Mrs Condor 1947-1949
A. V. Cook 1956-1959
Arthur Edward Dent (1902-1965)1945-1952
Mrs Mary Keith Duncombe (1922-1984) 1967-1984
Miss Mabel Henrietta Fiske (1872-1954) 1939-1955
B. Gent 1972
Gordon Owen Goodwin (1897-1981) 1943-1980
Ernest R. Gribble 1924-1964
F. Guymer 1950-1956
Mrs E. Howells 1957-1971
Mrs M. Jennings 1954-1957
Mrs V. E. Jones 1967
Miss Olive Kennell 1955-1956
George Mallett 1936-1954
Annie Elizabeth Massy-Lloyd 1932-1934
Mrs E. Murray 1957-1973
Adrian Baskerville Parry (b.1949) 1972-
Mrs Ethel Mary Pritchatt 1948-1958
A. J. Smith 1943-1946
F. A. Smith 1947-1974
Miss D. Steel 1959-1971
Mrs C. Tracy 1948-1957 (Mrs. Charles Dunlop Tracy)
Mrs G. Wilford-Smith 1932-1966
H. R. Yates 1948

ASSOCIATE MEMBER or FRIEND who did not exhibit
S. H. Adams 1939-1946
D. J. Addiston 1957-1958
Miss M. N. Arnold 1958
Mrs S. Capps 1957-1960
Miss Patricia Hamm 1955-1962
Miss S. Hare 1964-1973
Miss J. L. Harris 1964-1972
Miss Anne Hayward 1942-1948
Ernest Ralph Oxborrow 1936-1943
Miss C. Payne 1973-1974+ friend
Miss Rose 1933-1934
Mrs K. O. Sandeman 1974+ friend