HAMMOND, Miss Edith E

? - ?

As E. E., Edith E. Miss or Mrs, an associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1954-1971 and exhibited from Abbey Hall Farm, Great Finborough, Stowmarket, Suffolk in 1953 two works 'Suffolk Stream' and 'Cacti and Geranium', in 1954 'From my Studio Window' and 'Sweet Williams', in 1955 'Roses and Ivy', in 1956 'The Wine Bottle', 'Parrot Tulips' and 'The Church in the Fields', in 1957, 'Doveshill', 'The Old Orchard' and 'Boats, Le Poulignen', in 1958 'Cyclamen', in 1960 'Winter Decor', in 1963 'Evening', in 1965 'July Bouquet' and in 1967 'Seed Time' which was her last exhibit although she remained a associate until 1971. All her painting were oil on canvas and priced between 10 and 15 guineas.