BISHOP, Thomas Frederick H

1885 - 1973

Born at Ipswich on 7 October 1885, sixth of the seven children of Thomas Ellis Bishop, an engine fitter, and his wife Maria née Day, who married at Ipswich in 1867. In 1891 a 5 year old, living at 112 Alan Road, Ipswich with his parents, 46 year old Thomas and 45 year old Maria, with his six siblings. He married at Ipswich in 1910, Blanche Mary Powley and in 1911 a 25 year old elementary school teacher, living at 22 Freehold Road, Ipswich with his 25 year old wife who was born at Wymondham, Norfolk. An associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1957-1972 and exhibited from 121 Sidegate Lane, Ipswich in 1957, two pictures, a pastel 'Sunshine and Mud' and a pen & ink work 'Over the Hill' in 1958 two watercolours 'The Boat Yard' and 'River View' and two pictures in 1960 'Sketch in Kersey' a pen & ink, and 'Obsolete Stable', a pastel. A regular exhibitor with his last exhibits in 1965, two watercolours 'A Bit of Suffolk' and 'Earl Soham, Suffolk'. He died at Ipswich in 1973.