COOPER, Miss Dorothy Elizabeth

1904 - 1990

Born at 19 Portman Road, Ipswich on 12 February 1904, eldest child of William Huttman Cooper (1872-1951), manager of a cabinet making works, and his wife Annie Dorothy née Friend (1881-1959), who married at Ipswich in 1903. In 1901, a 6 year old student, living at 19 Portman Road, Ipswich with her parents, 38 year old William and 29 year old Annie, with two siblings Ida Mary 5 and William Leonard 1. An associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1957-1963 but she exhibited as early as 1944 when she had on display two works 'Anenomies' and 'Early Summer' and exhibited from 19 Portman Road, Ipswich in 1957 an oil 'Flower Study' and she exhibited from the same address in 1958, an oil 'Bouquet' and her last exhibit was in 1962, an oil 'Fragrance of Summer'. In 1955 a Mrs. A. D. Cooper was living at 19 Portman Road with Cooper & Ansell (Ipswich) Ltd, cabinet makers, at 19a, these properties have since been demolished. She died at Braintree, Essex in 1990, she was unmarried.