FISK, Alfred Samuel

1828 - 1898

Born on 18 March 1828, son of Samuel Fisk, a cabinet maker, and his wife Thomasine née Scammen, who married at Melton, near Woodbridge on 12 June 1827. Alfred married at Woodbridge in 1858 Sarah Ann Gammage and in 1861 a 33 year old ‘cabinet maker & photographer’ at New Street, Woodbridge with his 28 year old wife Sarah Ann and 2 year old daughter Annie Thomasine, all Woodbridge born. Fisk's advertisement in 1864 ‘Ten years' practical experience in Photography & Art’ and that his studio has ‘the most perfect arrangement of light and shade to suit the contour of each Sitter. Private waiting and dressing rooms are available’. In 1871 an ‘artist & photographer’ still at New Street and in 1879 photographer and artist ‘Prize Medal Paris Universal Exhibition 1878 for studies of animals’. In 1881 still an ‘artist & photographer’ in New Street, when his daughter Annie was an organist. He died at Woodbridge on 7 September 1898, aged 70 and his wife died on 12 November 1912, aged 79.

Works by This Painter