FARR, Simon C D

1950 - ?

Simon Farr

Born at Harrow, Middlesex, on 9 November 1950, son of Peter G. D. Farr and his wife Rosemarie Kathleen, née Haward, who married at Harrow in 1949. Educated at Harrow School of Fine Art from 1969 to 1970, and in the Fine Art Department of Portsmouth Polytechnic from 1970 to 1973. He firstly worked in London as a railway guard, then as an arts administrator at Chats Palace in Hackney and the Albany Empire in Deptford, finishing up as a performers manager for Test Department. Since 1989 a freelance commercial illustrator, cartoonist and a portrait painter creating illustrated images mainly for print media and does private oil portraits. Simon works primarily in pen, ink and watercolour inks as well as painting with traditional oil on canvas. He has been selected a number of times for the Association of Illustrators Images directory and touring exhibition including two images for 2011 and was chairman of the AOI in the early 1990s. In recent years has been a stand in political cartoonist for Steve Bell, Marin Rosen, Gerald Scarfe, Peter Schrank, Dave Brown and Nickolas Garland and has contributed to Sunday Times, Financial Times, Daily Mail, Money Observer, New Statesman, Moneywise, Public Finance Magazine and TV Times amongst others. Chairman of the Association of Illustrators from 1994 to 1995. He married at Hackney, London in 1987, Ann R. Lee and has lived at Dunan, 41 Park Road, Aldeburgh, Suffolk since 1999 and donated to the 'Westhall Secret Postcard Auction' in 2012 'The Power of Prayer' and in 2013 a watercolour 'The Three Friends Never Missed a Good Auction'. His wife Annie Lee is a potter from the same address.

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