1965 - ?

Mark Fuller was born at Ipswich, Suffolk in 1965. He completed a Foundation Course in in Art and Design at Ipswich in 1981, proceeding to study sculpture at Canterbury and at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1987. He lives and works in Suffolk, where he trained and worked for five years as a blacksmith before establishing his own forge workshop and makes his sculpture from metal he has forged himself and recent work has looked at incorporating metal with woodcarving and plaster. Most of the metal in his sculptures has been heated up to yellow to white hot then manipulated about an anvil. Elements are forged then welded and fabricated together using all the various steel sections from 6mm round up to 25 mm square, which is about the limit that he is able to forge. Fuller is also a performance artist and has a strong interest in science fiction and ‘the science fictional’. His forge is at Blackberry Farm Cottage, The Green, Ubbeston, Halesworth, Suffolk and has exhibited widely in the UK.

[Dean Mark Fuller or Shaun Mark Fuller?]

Works by This Painter