JONES, Gareth

1944 - ?

Gareth Jones

As William Gareth Jones, he was born at Durham in 1944, son of William Gareth Jones and his wife Ida née Ferney, who married at Durham in 1943. Known as Gareth Jones he trained at Ipswich Art School 1959-1964, worked in numerous art colleges, including the Slade School of Fine Art. An associate member of the Ipswich Art Club 1962-1966 and exhibited from 306 Sidegate Lane, Ipswich in 1962 four oil paintings 'Guitarist', 'Sinister Pines', 'Museum Window' and 'Summer Shadows' in 1963 two oils 'London Landscape' and 'Pauls', his last exhibits were in 1964, two oils 'The Old Cattle Market' and 'Still Life', when his age is given as 19. He moved to Wales in 1974 and produced a series of etchings inspired by the Pembrokeshire coast and established a printmaking summer school. He moved back to Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1989 and established the Ufford Print Workshop, now the Sudbourne Park Printmakers. Gareth is inspired by the rhythms of nature and conveying a sense of place, particularly the contrast between the windswept beaches of the Suffolk coast and the more dramatic and rugged Welsh coastline, with its Neolithic and Celtic remains. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, Amalgam Gallery London, and numerous mixed shows throughout the UK. He can easily be conflated with two other Gareth Jones's, one born in 1965 and another Norfolk artist.

Works by This Painter