NIND, James [Jim] M

1952 - ?

Jim Nind

Born at Uxbridge, London in 1952, son of Leslie James M. Nind and his wife Joan E. née Buck, who married at Uxbridge in 1950. He married at Lewes, Sussex in 1975, Carol Banwell. He retired from his role as an Education Advisor for the Local Authority in January 2013 which created a major resurgence in his creative life, spending six months of 2013 involved with photographic images and found himself designing books which combined photographs and prose-poetry. Jim then found himself drawn back towards canvas, paint, and found items, drawing inspiration from wandering around boatyards finding discarded flotsam, observing the technology of tarpaulins, and experiencing the emotional blast invoked at the hoisting of sails. Painter in 2D and 3D Mixed Media, currently working with acrylic paint on woven strips of canvas and explores the boundaries to various artistic traditions; making paintings which are weavings, weavings which are sculptures, photographs which are paintings, embodying poetry and text alongside or within his work and within his book designs. A member of Suffolk Open Studios from his studio at 99 Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk and exhibits on 'Art on the Prom' at Felixstowe.

Works by This Painter