ANDREWS, Miss Mary Anne Cooke

1862 - 1948

Born at Stowmarket in 1862, daughter of Oliver Andrews, architect & surveyor, and his wife Mary née Cooke, who married at Stowmarket in 1861. She maybe the Mary Anne Andrews who successfully passed her examination in freehand drawing at the Ipswich School of Science & Art in 1880 and as Miss A. C. Andrews, she exhibited at the Ipswich Fine Art Club from Stowmarket in 1882 'Ancient Armour', in 1883 a watercolour 'Still Life, in 1884 'Still Life Group' and 'Mountain Ash' and in 1885 'Still Life Group'. A teacher of music at Tavern Street, Stowmarket in 1891 and she married at Stowmarket in 1895, Hourston Hamlin and in 1901 a 38 year old housewife living at 27 Tower Road, Dartford, Kent with her 34 year husband Hourston, an analytical chemist, born Ontaria, Canada and were still there in 1911 with a son, Halcro Sutherland Hamlin, born at Darford in 1901. Her husband died in Cornwall in 1940, aged 73 and Mary Anne died at Oxford in 1948, aged 86.