BUXTON, Peter Charles

1925 - 1979

Born at Rochford, Essex on 29 March 1925, only child of Stanley Charles Buxton (1899-1984) and his wife Doris May, née Jew (1898-1987), who married at Woolwich, London in 1922. He trained as an architect but seems to have 'dropped out' and roamed about Walberswick, Suffolk. When Donnagh McKenna [q.v.] arrived in Walberswick in 1976 he found Buxton living in a packing case on the foreshore near East Point and later offered him the use of an old gypsy caravan on the edge of the marsh, later Francesca Wilson [q.v.], recognising kindred spirit, offered him a potting shed in the garden of Creek Cottage, where he maintained his independence. He died at Walberswick in late 1979. (Artists at Walberswick - Richard Scott. 2002)