HARRISON, Frank Walton

1869 - 1947

Born at 12 Broad Street, King Stanley, Gloucestershire in 1869, son of Charles Walton Harrison, a shoemaker, and his wife Emma née Iddles, who married at King Stanley in 1866. He married at Bristol on 8 March 1891, Kate Lewis and in 1911 a 41 year old insurance agent living at 52 Shelley Street, Swindon with his 40 year old wife Kate and four children, all born at Bristol. A landscape painter in watercolour and a member of Ipswich Fine Art Club 1932-1934, who exhibited from Lattice Cottage, Manwick Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk in 1932, two watercolours ‘Farmyard, Capel Hall, Falkenham’ and ‘Farm Buildings, Searson's Farm, Trimley’ and in 1933 from 'Kendal', Westmont Road, Esther, Surrey exhibited two watercolours 'A Surrey Pool' and 'Brockweir, Wye Valley'. He died in the Surrey NE district in 1947, aged 78.