1963 - ?

Teresa Bavington-Barber

As Teresa Dungar, she was born at Norwich, Norfolk in December 1963, daughter of Harold Willie P. Dungar (1924-1995) and his wife Evelyn Miriam née Easter (1923-2004), who married at Acle, Norfolk in 1947. She married at Norwich in 1983, Andrew James B. Barber and works under the name of Teresa Bavington-Barber. Having a love of art from a very early age Teresa studied art at Norwich. As time progressed with her children grown-up she pursued her art full time from her studio at 7 Willoughby Road, Ipswich. A sufferer of multiple sclerosis she is often unable to work full-time but it involves a large amount of varied colours and textures. She began to experiment with mixing medias, such as applying hessian to the canvas before painting to create the feel of grasses and reeds and has also used sand in beach paintings, driftwood and beads. Her work can often have an abstract perspective exploring the relationship between colour and texture and more recently has moved into stitching over painted backgrounds to create a different feel to the picture.

Works by This Painter