EVANS, Chris(topher)

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Chris Evans

Chris studied illustration and fabric design at St Martinís School of Art and, after graduating, worked in advertising also as a free-lance illustrator working mainly for educational publications. Around the year 2000, Chris attended a printmaking course at Suffolk College, Ipswich when he took up etching. As an illustrator the majority of his work is figurative but now in contrast tends to explore landscape and architecture in his prints. The majority of his prints are etchings produced on zinc plates using soft ground for line and texture and aquatinting techniques for different tones, often inking up a plate with several colours, blending them as he wipes the plate. Chris also makes dry-point prints on Perspex using a sharply pointed tool to engrave the plate and cardboard templates to add colours. A Member of the Bury St Edmund's Art Society and has exhibited at Bury St Edmund's Open Exhibition; Aldeburgh Cinema Gallery; Gainsboroughs House, Sudbury; Framlingham Arts Festival; Bury Art Society, Cathedral Gallery, Bury St Edmunds; Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham; Wingfield Barns all in Suffolk.

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