1951 - ?

As Lesley Douglas, she was born at Islington, London in 1951. Lesley married at Bromley, Kent in 1971, John E. Buckwell and works under the name of Lesley Buckwell. Lesley has been interested in art and textiles since a child, but during a long career teaching I had little time to devote to it beyond taking pottery classes at Suffolk College. On retiring she joined the Eye Arts Guild, and began attending art classes and workshops to get back in touch with her creative side. Initially through painting, drawing and printmaking, but also textile art and having completed a City and Guilds Diploma in Machine Embroidery, am now marrying traditional paint and print with stitch. Much of her work relates to her love of landscape, travel and history/ She is also a member of Chain Reaction. She lives in Eye, Suffolk.

Works by This Painter