FORD, Jane N D

1943 - ?

Born at Windsor, Berkshire in 1943 and as Jane Waring, she married at Chelsea, London in 1965, Gerard C. H. Ford and paints as Jane Ford. Jane is a painter and a poet, and there is a pellucid quality to her work and in the summer of 1966, she rented a barn in a field near where her parents lived in Cornwall, and constructed a still life with a bedstead, a piano, and a fairground horse, all of which she had conveyed there for the purpose. In counterpoint to the reality being painstakingly distilled on the canvas, she cut away one side of the actual piano, and added touches of colour to some of the things she was painting. The resulting work brings to some junk in an English barn the formalised stillness and light of a Piero della Francesca, endowing it with a visionary translucence, and making of it her meaning. Jane exhibited at 'Vision of Sudbury' show at St Peter's church, Sudbury in 2007 a mosaic 'Wanted-The Western By-pass' and in 2013 from Rookery Farmhouse, Sudbury, Suffolk a collage acrylic 'St Peter's in a Dream'.

Works by This Painter