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Exhibited one work ĎThe Chalk Millí at the Royal Academy and a sketch at the Society of British Artists in 1874 from Bridewell Lane, Bury St Edmundís, Suffolk. I have been unable to find any J Hodgson in Bury St Edmundís during this time. The only Hodgson in Bury St Edmundís at this period was Henry Raynor Hodgson, who was baptised at Charsfield, Suffolk on 24 August 1815, son of Robert Hodgson and his wife Sarah nťe Gowing. In 1851 an ironmonger at 10 Meat Market, Bury St Edmundís and married at Bury St Edmundís in 1859, Sarah Risbrook. In 1871, a Ďretired victuallerí living at Bridewell Lane, Bury St Edmundís with his 53 year old wife Sarah. He died at Bury St Edmundís in 1873, aged 57, without issue.