HOLT, Nicola [Nicki] J

c.1948 - ?

Born in London. Studied at Bath Academy of Art where she studied Fine Art and at Harrow School of Art studying Illustration. For some years worked as a freelance illustrator and designer, originally for books and magazines before turning to packaging design and illustration. Her main focus has been etching and has exhibited work in London but in 1989 she moved to Suffolk and re-discovered printmaking and now show mainly in Suffolk. Nicki's subject matter varies but is inspired by nature, which seems to have an inherent mystery and dark side which she attempts to convey in her prints and printmaking offers infinite possibilities to experiment. With etchings she uses quite intense precise drawing in a representational way, whereas collagraphs are a good foil for the elaborate and lengthy etching process which tend to produce more spontaneous, abstract, colourful prints. She produces small editions of etchings, usually about twelve prints and also produces monoprints, relief prints, drypoint, and collage and occasionally combine some of these processes to create the desired result. A Friend of the Ipswich Art Club and exhibited from 6 McAllister's Cottage, Church Lane, Ufford in 2006 a monoprint 'Aquarium' and an etching 'Cabbage White Butterfly'.

Works by This Painter