ARMSTRONG, Conrad Robert

1989 - ?

Conrad Armstrong

Conrad Armstrong was born at Lambeth, London in 1989, son of Robert and Eileen Armstrong. Conrad studied at Central St Martins, The Prince’s Drawing School and John Monk’s Life Drawing Classes at St Francis Xavier in Clapham, London. An artist and painter and has been a pupil of artist Maggi Hambling [q.v.] since he was 18 who had an important influence on his life and work by her encouragement. Conrad’s first solo exhibition was in a pop-up gallery on Platform One of Wandsworth Common Station in 2009, he has since exhibited in group shows and has a number of private collectors. Conrad’s studio travels with him, be it East London, South London, Morocco, East Anglia, Bordeaux… Conrad is also a founder member of acclaimed Psychedelic Garage Punk band ‘Black Manila’ with whom he tours, having played Glastonbury Festival 2011 and underground venues around Europe.

Works by This Painter