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Beccles Society of Artists was formed in 1969. The founder, the late Frank Delf, a retired marine engineer who lived in Worlingham, was a keen artist. He was also well known as a naturalist and had expert knowledge of windmills and round-towered churches. The late Frank Forward, DOA, a much respected professional artist, also played a part in the foundation. It was after a successful exhibition arranged for his pupils at the Corn Exchange in 1967 that the desire for a local art society was born, but lay in abeyance until Frank Delf took up the challenge and held the first meeting of the Society in October 1969.

Known members and exhibiters 1969-1990 on which there is no further information:-
Andrews, K. Asquith, P. Asquith, T. Bailey, A. Ball, E. M.
Bannister, M. Barlow, S. M. Bird, E. L. Boosey, R.
Brown, P. Browne, G. B. Bunn, N. Clarke, F. Coy, P.
Crisp, N. Ducker, P. Ford, B. Ford, M. Gardner, R.B.
Hall, H. E. Hall, N. J. Harding, P.I. Harman, J.
Harper, G. Harper, J. Heygate, J. Hickling, T. Hill, P.
Hird, Yvonne Hodge, J. Jarvis, B. Jeffrey, c. Jeffrey, C.
Kaye, A. Kemp, G. Kendrick, J. Knight, A. Knights, D.E.M.
Lyster,Ronald G Maisey, E. L. Martin, P. A. Masters, I. Masters, H. L.
Nicholls, H. T. Nicholls, R. Nicholson, J. Offord, E. Pymm, M.
Quantrill, J Rice, B. Roberts, G. Roberts, M. Roffey, N.
Schofield, E. Sheed, M. Smith, F. Smith, J. G. Sneddon, A.
Southwell, M. Studdard, J. Taylor, D. W. Taylor, O. Thompson, J.
Turnbull, J. Walden, M. Wells, G. Wells, G. E. Wise, L.