LEAHY, Laura Marjorie

1965 - ?

Laura Leahy was born in Yonkers, New York in June 1965 and now lives and works in Bedingfield, Eye, Suffolk. She studied at Syracuse University, New York for her BA in Psychology in 1987, followed by a BA (hons.) in Fine Art from University of Suffolk in 2011 proceeding to an MA with distinction in Arts Practice in 2015. Laura is a visual artist whose practice is mainly project based with each project begining by using an object as a trigger for social and artistic exchange. The object is then articulated through the use of paint, video, photography and participatory events. Her latest project 'An Account of Apples' which commenced in March 2014, Leahy used an apple as the trigger which led to walking through an orchard, continued on by leading to reflections on the rural contemporary landscape. She is married to David Thomas Alexander Ferguson (born December 1952) and has exhibited at Atrium Studio, Ipswich; Town Hall Gallery 3, Ipswich; Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich; The Crypt Gallery, London; Contemporary British Painting, London and elsewhere. www.lauraleahy.com

Works by This Painter