LARGE, James

1809 - 1881

Born at Chatham, Kent on 23 February 1809, and baptised at Ebenezer Meeting House on 17 August, the same year, son of William Large and his wife Fanny. Early in 1835 he took the stationery & printing business of Joshua Brackett (1799-1876) at Sudbury, Suffolk. In 1839 described as bookseller & stationer (and printer) at Market Hill, Sudbury and in 1844 a bookseller & portrait painter. Large was the printer of the Sudbury borough accounts 1839-1841, after which date the printing was done by George Williams Fulcher (1795-1855). He married at Sudbury All Saints church on 19 July 1841, Maria Murell. In the investigation into bribery in the 1843 Sudbury elections he describes himself as a printer about which time he sold the business to James Wright (1810-1885). By 1851 he had returned to Kent living at 46 Harmer Street, Milton next Gravesend, described as portrait painter & printer, with his 43 year old wife Maria, born Sudbury. Ten years later a portrait painter living at 8 Dorset Gardens, Brighton and in 1871 a portrait & landscape painter at 7 Cavendish Place, Hastings, Sussex and was still at Hastings in 1881 the year that he died aged 72. (Copsey–Suffolk Book Trades. 2011)