ADAMS, Edward

1827 - 1903

As Edward, sometimes Edwin, Adams he was born at Ashbocking, Suffolk on 5 February 1827, son of Edward Adams, a landed proprietor, and his wife Sarah née Ringe and in 1851 young Edward was a 24 year old silk mercer living at Brown Street, Old Newton, Suffolk with his widowed father and siblings Jane 29 and Samuel 25, with 81 year old mother-in-law, Mary Ringe. He married at Old Newton in 1851 Emma Turner and in 1861 a linen draper living at Charles Street, St Marys Islington, London with his three sons and a daughter. In the 1891 census is listed as Edwin Adams, a 64 year old widower, 'artist in watercolours', living at Westleigh House, 52 London Road, Ipswich with his 69 year old widowed sister Isabella Jane Drake, née Adams, and unmarried 64 year old brother, Samuel Ringe, both born at Rendlesham, Suffolk. He died in Ipswich in 1903.