DAVIDSON, Lilli Ursula Barbara Victoria

1915 - 1999

Born at Munich, Bavaria, Germany on 8 January 1915, daughter of landscape painter Armin Commichau (1889-1961). After studying fashion drawing at the Lette-Haus School of Art, Berlin, 1930-33, she worked for various Berlin journals as illustrator and layout artist, adopted the pen-name ‘Victoria’ after meeting her future husband, Eric Victor, a Jewish South African. As Ursula Commichau, she married the same year that they came to London at Hampstead, London in 1935 Erich Victor and she became a British citizen, they were known familiarly as Victor and Victoria, hence her working name. Victoria’s illustrations were staples in 'Lilliput', 'Radio Times' and 'The Picture Post' for nearly twenty years, and appeared in many other English and German magazines including 'Die Neue Auslese' and 'Suddeutsche Zeitung'. She also designed posters for London Transport, illustrated her own books for children 'A Number Book' 1938; ;The Life and Adventures of Timothy Turnip' 1943 and 'Memoirs of a Fir-Tree' 1946. Ursula and Erich separated during the Second World War and in 1949 she married secondly at Marylebone, London her second husband, Dr Hans Davidson (1913-1980). She died at Boxford, Sudbury, Suffolk on 23 November 1999.

Works by This Painter