1972 - ?

Lucy Grossmith

Lucy was born in Lincolnshire and grew up in the countryside and has always been surrounded and inspired by nature and she sketches and makes mental notes whilst out and about which become ingredients for her paintings - a hare dashing across her path, wildflowers swishing in the breeze, birds singing in the hedgerows. She remembers the colours and textures of the landscape, noticing the effects of the changing seasons and weather and jots down ideas when back in her studio at the bottom of her garden at Chequers Lane, Sudbury. Her paintings are a magical interpretation of what has seen, mixed in with thoughts of a place, illustrating special moments in time. She paints wild birds and animals, countryside and coastal scenery along with gardens, old buildings and little bits of country life. Her works are on exhibition at The Lion House Gallery, 12 High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk.

Works by This Painter