BOOTH, Rintoul

1932 - 1978

As Daniel Rintoul Booth, he was born on 14 May 1932. In 1939 was living at Willington, Pocklington, Yorkshire, the home of the unmarried Revd Henry Newton. Agricultural journalist and sculptor who sculpted in bronze and unusual mediums such as brass rods, the horses made include Welsh Cobs and Thoroughbreds. In 1960 appointed agricultural editor of the East Anglian Daily Times in Ipswich. He married at Ipswich in 1962, Teressa C. Fortin and died in the Sudbury district of Suffolk 1978. The author of farming books including 'Farming Handbook to end all Farming Handbooks' (1970) and 'Horseman's Book to end all Horseman's Books (1975).

Works by This Painter