DARLING, Ruth Emma

1864 - 1960

Ruth Emma Darling was born at Eyke, Suffolk on 31 January 1864, daughter of Revd James George Darling (1825-1891), rector of Eyke, and his second wife, Mary Emily née Johnson [Darling q.v.]. In 1883, as Miss E. Darling, she exhibited at the Woodbridge Industrial & Art Exhibition at the Lecture Hall Woodbridge four watercolours 'An Old Man's Head', 'Flower (Iris)', 'Child's Head', a 'Landscape' and in sepia 'Chestnut Leaves' and she also exhibited at the 1887 exhibition two oil paintings, two crayon drawings, two terra cotta plates and an oil painting 'Boy's Head'. Emma married on 21 April 1896, Edmund Henry Lacon Watson (15 August 1865-1948), an author, journalist and a member of the stock exchange, and in 1939 they were living at 19 Scarsdale Villas, Kensington, London. She died at Kensington on 14 June 1960, aged 96.

Children, all born at Eyke, of James George Darling and Mary Elizabeth née Johnson
1.Mary Jane Darling, born 5 September 1855, died 19 October 1855
2.Augustine Major Darling, born 25 June 1857, died 2 March 1938
3.Henry Eaton Hodgkinson Darling, born 4 September 1859, died 27 December 1939
4.Blanche Emily Roberta Darling, [Cholmeley q.v.]
5.Georgina Margaret Darling, born 4 April 1862, died 20 April 1895
6.Ruth Emma Darling [q.v.]
7.Venerable James George Reginald Darling, born 31 October 1867, died 24 June 1938