PRENTICE, Charles Kemp

1873 - 1957

Born at Woodbridge, Suffolk on 12 September 1873. He married firstly at Stowmarket, Suffolk in 1899, Amelia Laughlin (1876-1921) and in 1901, a 24[sic] year old Ipswich Corporation carter, living at 3 Mumford Road, Ipswich with his 24 year old wife Amelia and 1 year old daughter Daisy, born at Stowmarket. By 1911, a 37 year old tramway motor man, living at 37 Cromer Road, Ipswich with his 35 year old wife Amelia, now with four children Daisy 11, Lily 8, Violet 5 and Russell 3. His wife died in 1921 and he married again at Ipswich in 1930, Charlotte Laughlin (3 May 1874-1961) and in 1939 a retired trolley-bus driver, living at 37 Cromer Road, Ipswich with his wife Charlotte and son Russell Charles (21 July 1907-2000) a tinsmith. As Mr Prentice a member of the Ipswich Art Club 1923-1924 and as Charles Prentice of Ipswich a member and exhibitor at the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle in 1932. He died at Ipswich in 1957. Probably conflated with William Charles Prentice [q.v.].