CARLYLE, Barbara A

? - ?

River Orwell  Evening Light

Born in London and has lived in Woking, Surrey for most of her life. As a child Barbara was taken by her mother to the Tate Gallery and the National Gallery and was artistic as a child. She moved to East Anglia, surroundings which give rise to massive open skies and a softly undulating lie of the land, where the light reflects off the surrounding sea and lights up the scene and her work seeks to achieve strong, balanced lines and she uses powerful colours with oil paint, preferring the use of a palette knife instead of brushes giving texture to her work. Some of her paintings are inspired by the sea and local rivers, sometimes with jostling boats and sometimes massive cargo ships, which appear beautiful and majestic. She has seen many scenes during her life, especially in Kenya, Turkey, Norway and Switzerland which you can witness in her paintings. A member of the Society for All Artists and the Bury St Edmunds Art Society and exhibits her work at the Ferini Art Gallery, Pakefield, Suffolk, the Edmund Gallery in Bury St Edmunds with other exhibitions in Norfolk and Suffolk. Her work has received critical acclaim by Peter Baldwin, a university lecturer in art history and other influential people in the art world.

Works by This Painter