GRIMWOOD, Herbert Charles

c.1880 - 1966

Born at Cambridge about 1880, son of Florence Grimwood. Herbert studied at Colchester, Essex and in Ireland. A working manager and marble mason and carver, he married at Colchester in 1906, Mary née Richards and in 1911 a 30 year old living at 39 Cemetery Road, Ipswich with his 29 year old wife and son, 2 year old Herbert Henry (born 23 August 1908) also a monumental marble mason. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1928 from 26 Hervey Street, Ipswich. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1932-1939 and exhibited from Hervey Street, Ipswich in 1932 two sculptures a head of a boy 'Peter and a portrait bust 'Mary'. He died at Ipswich in 1966, aged 88. There is confusion over the date and place of his birth and in 1929 a Robert Henry Grimwood was a shopkeeper at 26 Hervey Street, Ipswich.